Sunday, March 27, 2011


So here is my piece "19XX" that featured in the FanBoy vs. ArtBoy show recently. It is inspired by the classic WW2 "shoot 'em up" series 19XX released by Capcom – which included the games 1942 (1984), 1943-The Battle Of Midway (1987),1943 Kai-Midway Kaisen (1988), 1941-Counter Attack (1990), 19XX-The War Against Destiny (1995) and 1944-The Loop Master (2000).

I am told the opening night was awesome with many punters commenting on how diverse all the artist representations were of their video game inspired art. Some other great news to also arise from the show is this week the ABC2 program Good Game dropped into ArtBoy Gallery to film the show! So there will be an upcoming feature on the popular gaming show...more deets soon. For now you can see more snaps of my sculpture here.

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