Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sidewayz 2011.....

I am part of the Sidewayz charity art auction/exhibition opening this Saturday night, with a huge lineup of talent leaving their marks on skate decks and snowboards with all proceeds going to the Christchurch and Japan Earthquake benefits. I was stoked to be given a snowboard...you'll have to wait to opening night to see what I made of it, all I'm gonna say I was a tad nervous chopping into the board with the old angle grinder! If you can't make it along to the show I'm sure there will be plenty of pics circulating post event and also there will be an online auction too. I will post deets when they come to hand ok.
Sidewayz 2011 contributers include;
Scott Marr, PigeonBoy, Konsumterra, Kalen, Sarah Scully, RJ Williams, Esjay, Vars, SMC[3], Stylo, E.L.K, Teem, Bennett, Anton Benois, Tim Andrew, Brandon Els, Qwux, Willem Van Stom, Tez, Phibs, Lise Pod, Jimmy Neilly, KON, Ellie Schroeder, Dave Kaziro, Benny Haz, Reka, Ben Goad, Ben Frost, Pinky, Lucas McGrath, kulk, Zoe Young, Wade Burkitt, Robert Bates, Rick Swaine, Beastman, Ollie Lucas, Mia Taninaka, Luke Taaffe, Julie Doye, Dina Raus, Deb, Cameron Wall, Bridge, Beth Josey, Barrett, Jeremy Shaw, Dave Smith, Kane Stamp, Liz Laughton, Jon Jones, Andrew Fawcet…plus heaps more!

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