Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BUYE paste.....

IMG_8322 by konsumterra
IMG_8322, a photo by konsumterra on Flickr.

Thanks to konsumterra for this snap taken at Uncontainable, Verge festival 2011 Sydney Uni.


Anonymous said...

Ross l. Murray-former owner of Junkastic Park available most Mondays at Kincumber Men's Shed .
Delighted to remake your aquaintance & inform you of the correct story of to the closure of Junkastic Park .
Merry Christmas & a Very Prosperous New Year for 2012 !
Yours ,Ross

TEZ said...

Hey Ross how are you, i've heard good things about the Mens Shed and would love to hear your story sometime...all the best to you too. cheers